Diamond studs like the ones above are perfect for every occasion.

There’s no going wrong with them. 

Diamonds are standardized by their color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.They come in white, yellow, and black colors, the most popular being white. Fancy diamonds also come in blue, pink, and green. Trends show that round cut diamonds are the most sought after by buyers.Princess and marquise shapes are also popular. The intensity of diamonds range from faint to vivid. Higher valued diamonds tend to be more saturated in color.

A princess-cut diamond engagement ring is a close favorite to round cut.

Diamond fashion rings, like this stackable diamond ring, are great and easy to accessorise with.

Although the diamond is widely used for engagement ring purposes, it is also a popular stone in fashion accessorising. Diamond link bracelets, like this 14K White Gold Diamond Hamsa Tennis Bracelet, is a trendy piece to have in your jewelry collection. Also, consider this rose gold butterfly bracelet, which is perfect for the season. Floral designs are also appropriate for the month of April, such as this 18K Flower Pendant, or this beautiful pair of Brown Diamond Ball Earrings. As you can see, April babies are lucky enough to have a wide variety of jewels to choose from when it comes to sporting their birthstone.